The only hotel with real ancient artifacts

Experience history in your own hands

Guests of the four-star Hotel Costazzurra are treated to a unique and unforgettable experience.

Inside of the hotel lies a real museum, a truly rare experience you’ll find nowhere else!

The hotel is home to La Gaipa Collection, a private collection of archeological artifacts, primarily from Magna Graecia, dating back to the V and IV centuries BC.

Why a museum

To mark the return of artistic archeological artifacts from abroad, Agrigento’s Hotel Costazzurra inaugurates the permanent exhibition of the La Gaipa Collection.

Dating primarily to the V and IV centuries BC, the collection is being made permanently available to the public for the first time, offering visitors the unique opportunity to enrich their stay with an extraordinary experience before even stepping foot outside of the hotel.

Guests may also choose to stay in a Museum Room for an even more exclusive look at pieces of the private collection.

Our Museum Rooms offer an exclusive cultural experience, making them an attraction in their own right.

It is no coincidence that the hotel is close to the Valley of the Temples, just a few hundred meters from where the Emporium, the door to ancient Akragas, stood.


Collaborating directly with the hotel is a team of young archaeologists who open display cases and allow guests to touch some of the artifacts and hold a piece of history in their own two hands!

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Great service, hospitality and value

" Taking into account all aspects of our stay here - our villa-type double room in the annexe across the street, the service we received throughout the hotel and its restaurant, and the hotel’s amenities including free secure on-site parking - the Hotel Costazzurra Museum & Spa was probably the best-value accommodation we have ever had, anywhere in Italy. Everything about the hotel was excellent. The calm and professional ‘can do’ attitude of all the staff was particularly impressive. And a special thank you to Marco, headwaiter of the hotel’s Il Grecale restaurant, who is a real fun character. Also of note. The hotel offers a free half-hour after-dinner minibus tour for restaurant diners which circles around the Valley of the Temples. This is a very helpful service that enables guests who will be going into the archaeological site the following day to ‘get their bearings’ with respect to parking, access and facilities etc. and to understand a little about the history of the Valley, (actually it’s more a ridge than a Valley), and of the archaeological work that continues in the Agrigento area. "
Byablu | Sydney, Australia

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